vald performance testing

Objective data to identify your imbalances in strength, power, and stability, plus the ability to track your progress!

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Taking the guess work out of evaluations

Using industry leading technology like Force Decks and Dynamo, we are able to get objective data on things like

  • Force development
  • Force absorption
  • Rate of force development
  • Balance
  • Muscular imbalances in the body
  • & much more!

We highly recommend this to all of our physical therapy and performance training clients, as these tests will provide a more detailed and objective look at your current health or performance status from which we can better design your custom plan.

You will leave with your own custom report and a thorough explanation of what those results mean for you and your goals! Then track your progress and ENSURE RESULTS with periodic re-tests, typically done on a monthly basis.

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Why our Vald performance testing Services

When you choose Alkemē Sports RX for your Vald Injury Testing in Miami and Broward, you're opting for:

  • Advanced Technology: Utilizing Vald's renowned performance testing systems for precise analysis and data outputs.
  • Athlete-Centered Approach: Tailoring testing to your unique athletic profile and needs.
  • Expert Analysis: Our skilled team provides in-depth understanding and actionable insights.
  • Integrated Care: Linking testing results with personalized training and rehabilitation programs.
  • Trusted by Professionals: Preferred by athletes and trainers world wide for its accuracy and innovation.
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Know your numbers!

What our clients are saying

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Thanks for everything, year in and year out! You’re the best in the game!

- Darnell Dockett - NFL, 3X Pro- Bowler


I’ve seen nothing but progression in my knee and the overall shape of my body. Everything we do is tailored for my body and my situation.

- Tyler Davis - Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA

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Shout out to our dude Dr. Reef. I’m telling you man, Sharif down here in Miami. We down here in Miami getting it in, every offseason, he never fails.

- Alvin Kamara - New Orleans Saints, NFL

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