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We know the toll your hard workouts take on your body, which is why we have our Exercise Recovery services to get you ready to take on your next fitness challenge!

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We offer exercise recovery services, which are designed to expedite healing from the trauma your body incurs as a direct result of intense training.

Using tools like Normatec Recovery Boots, vibrational therapy and electrical stimulation, we can decrease your recovery time and optimize your future performance.

These are the same tools and techniques that professional athletes around the world rely on to be able to recover quicker and continue to perform at an elite level!

The Sports Recovery Process at Alkemē Sports RX

Our approach to Sports Recovery in Miami is personalized and supportive:

  • Assessment: Understanding your specific recovery needs.
  • Customized Recovery Program: Aligning with your goals and sport.
  • Guided Implementation: With skilled professionals.
  • Ongoing Support: To ensure optimal recovery.

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What our cLIENTS are saying


I’ve seen nothing but progression in my knee and the overall shape of my body. Everything we do is tailored for my body and my situation.

- Tyler Davis - Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA


I'm a pro swimmer training with Azura and come here for recovery and honestly I walk out feeling brand new. These guys are great! If you guys haven’t tried them out, do so ASAP!

- Yeziel Morales - Pro Swimmer


Been doing my rehab and my prehab stuff with Dr Reef, you know I just try to do everything necessary to make sure i bring my complete package to the table and have my best season in my 10th season so that's what I worked on and I'm thankful to everybody who helped me.

- Mark Ingram - Ravens, NFL


Coming here with Sharif, to get right each and every day. They are true professionals and I appreciate what they do for me.

- Bobby Mccain - Giants, NFL


This place is just amazing!!! As an athlete and coach, I highly recommend it! They are very professional and the routines and exercises they do have a high athlete level 💪🏼 They are more than just a PT office! They take you to another level! Thank you! You guys rock !!!!

- Lorena M. - Running Coach


Me being a military veteran I’ve struggled with pain for numerous pain for years due to combat experience. By far some of the most humblest and down-to-earth people who has no egos. Willing to answer any questions you have and have the most professional team I’ve dealt with. I have no complaints whatsoever I recommend anyone who’s in pain and determined to get better there the team for you!!!!

- A. M.- US Military

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