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Why the name Alkemē?

ALKEMĒ, the phonetic spelling of Alchemy, is defined as a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination. We intend to honor this meaning, by continuing to help thousands of active individuals transform to a higher level of function through the combination of rehab, injury prevention, exercise recovery and performance training.

SPORTS RX represents our dedication to serving athletic-minded individuals who value their health, active hobbies and physical performance above all, and therefore will only accept the best care available.

This is why we are #TheAthletesPrescription !


At Alkәmē Sports Rx, our licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy offer a well-rounded approach to health and wellness, by providing rehabilitation, exercise recovery, injury prevention, performance training, stretching and mobility services. No matter what stage of your fitness journey you are in, we are here to help!

Our key to success is our individualized hands-on approach to both rehabilitation and exercise recovery, to help injured and healthy athletes alike. By the conclusion of your session(s), you will have the strength needed to safely resume your regular activities, and the knowledge of self-rehabilitation techniques to mitigate the risks of re-injury!

  • Our Clients: Our licensed physical therapists have extensive experience treating athletes from a wide variety of disciplines, including the; NFL, NBA, MLB, USA Olympics, FIFA, WTA and more. Building off this broad base of experience, your rehab program will be tailored specifically to you and your individual goals. We will help restore your prior level of function whether you are post-operative, a weekend-warrior, or a professional athlete.
  • UNIQUE SERVICES: We offer exercise recovery services, which are designed to expedite healing from the trauma your body incurs as a direct result of intense training. Using tools like Normatec Recovery Boots, vibrational therapy, and electrical stimulation, we can decrease your recovery time and optimize your future performance. These are the same tools and techniques that professional athletes around the world rely on to be able to recover quickly and continue to perform at an elite level. We also utilize VALD Performance Testing Technology for both our rehab patients and performance clients, to generate objective data to both evaluate their starting point and track their progress along the way to ensure the best possible results!
  • OUR PROMISE: We will treat you as an individual and your experience will be as unique as you are! You will always receive personalized attention and we guarantee that you will never feel like “just another patient”. We will not only serve you but also empower you to continue your therapy independently by providing you with an education on the foundations of rehabilitation.

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