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Alkeme Sports Rx stands out as a premier provider of sports physical therapy with two central locations in Brickell/Miami and Davie. Our comprehensive services are designed to support your journey to recovery, injury prevention, and overall physical well-being with a focus on performance enhancement.

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Brickell Location

Our Brickell/Miami location is a hub for individuals seeking customized fitness experiences to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. Whether you are an elite athlete or a fitness enthusiast.

  • BRICKELL Clinic: 754-202-4353
  • Fax: 954-708-1469
  • BRICKELL Hours: Mon & Wed: 10am-7pm | Tues, Thurs & Fri: 8am-5pm
  • 591 SW 8th Street Miami, FL 33130

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Davie Location

In the heart of Davie, our facility offers state-of-the-art 'Vald' Technology Testing, a revolutionary method that provides accurate assessments of your movement patterns and biomechanics. This cutting-edge technology is applicable in all seasons and is particularly beneficial for athletes looking to fine-tune their performance and prevent injuries.

  • DAVIE Clinic: 954-800-5826
  • DAVIE Performance: 954-289-4687
  • Fax: 954-708-1469
  • DAVIE Hours: Mon-Thurs: 8am-6:30pm | Fri: 8am-3pm
  • 5850 South Pine Island Road Davie, FL 33328

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At Alkeme Sports Rx, we understand the importance of injury prevention in maintaining peak physical condition. Our dedicated team takes a proactive approach to help you minimize the risk of injury, allowing you to focus on excelling in your chosen sport or fitness regimen. Injury Prevention is a cornerstone of our practice.

In addition to our specialized physical therapy services, both our Brickell-Miami and Davie locations offer Massage Therapy sessions to promote physical and mental well-being. Our skilled therapists are committed to helping you recover from injuries, reduce muscle tension, and enhance relaxation, ensuring you feel your best both on and off the field.

If you are searching for physical therapy near Brickell-Miami, or Davie, Alkeme Sports Rx is your ultimate destination. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing top-notch care and tailored treatment plans to meet your individual needs.


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