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“My priority as your coach is to hold you accountable to staying consistent along your relentless pursuit of progression to feel, look and perform your best!”

Meet Omar Sitto, a dynamic Performance Coach originating from Detroit, MI, whose fervor for fitness and well-being is deeply rooted in his athletic background. Omar specializes in Biomechanics & Human Movement, Corrective Exercise, and Sports Performance, making him a sought-after coach and trainer. His unique process strategically enhances your movement patterns, enabling you to excel in your sport, in the gym, and in life, all while keeping your individual goals and long-term health in mind.

With over 8 years of experience working with athletes, weight loss clients, and fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life, Omar brings a raw energy, candid approach, and positive mindset to his coaching. He is dedicated to creating lasting lifestyle changes through discipline, structure, and accountability.

Omar's journey began at Northern Michigan University, where he played college football and earned his BA in 2017. Despite facing significant adversity with four knee surgeries due to non-contact injuries, Omar's resilience fueled his passion to guide others as a trainer and performance coach. His mission is to educate clients on the importance of proper mechanics, exercise form, and sustainable practices to achieve their fitness goals while minimizing the risk of injury

In his free time, Omar loves exploring the outdoors with his dog and fiancée, whether at parks, beaches, or on scenic walks. He's an avid sports fan, particularly of Detroit teams, and enjoys lifting weights, playing basketball, and traveling to experience diverse cultures and adventures.

Get ready to transform your fitness journey with Omar Sitto, where passion, expertise, and enthusiasm converge to help you reach new heights!


  • BA - Entrepreneurship
  • NCS
  • AIS